Archangel Gin 70cl

Archangel Gin 70cl

Archangel Gin is a delicious, rich, full bodied and sophisticated gin containing thirteen botanicals including Norfolk juniper, sea buckthorn and angelica. Distilled on our family farm in beautiful West Norfolk, the nose is complex and exciting and the length on the palate is nothing short of epic!

The first batch was created on the 2nd February 2017 and has received wide acclaim.

70cl – 45% ABV


“The most complete and rounded, full-bodied gin to come to the market in years.”

London Lampost

Archangel Gin 50cl with box

Archangel Gin 50cl

This is the same delicious gin but packaged in a 50cl bottle and a truly gorgeous gift box featuring the Archangel imagery, inspired by the Watts Artist Village.

50cl – 45% ABV


Archangel Gin 50cl with box wrapped
Archangel Gin 50cl Rhubarb with box

Archangel Rhubarb Gin 50cl

Archangel ‘Limited Edition’ Rhubarb gin contains only the finest Norfolk Rhubarb, grown for us by Norfolk Farm Produce at Beeston. The rhubarb is steeped in glorious Archangel gin for a minimum of four weeks and tasted frequently to see how it’s coming along! We mix the finished product with a little of our own Vodka to ensure we have the right balance of delicate flavours.

Each batch is unique as the flavour profile of the rhubarb develops over the summer. We filter twice – but not too much! We don’t want to lose any of that delicious rhubarb flavour, so every bottle is very slightly opaque and an entirely natural colour. No pink colouring added!

It can be drunk as a warming liqueur or with tonic.  Either way this Rhubarb gin is truly heavenly.

50cl – 24% ABV


Archangel Gin 50cl Rhubarb with box wrapped